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A turnkey solution for restaurants who want to expand and reach new customers at no additional cost for renting a commercial

About Us

We are managed kitchen platform that partners with restaurants to expand their delivery reach to high demand locations.​

We provide restaurants with access to state-of-the-art infrastructure at a minimal capital expenditure, and latest technology. Our platform is unique.

We also cater to the entire customer experience journey – from the call center to delivery, allowing restaurant owners to focus on running their dine-in space, marketing and menu development. 

Why Delivery only matters?

The food delivery market is worth over $1.2 Billion per year in the Middle East and growing with an average CAGR 9.8% for next 10 years.

At present majority of food deliveries are done from traditional brick and mortar restaurants which were never build to optimized for deliveries.

Everything about the restaurant experience is designed for walk- in and reservations, with the growing demand with deliveries , food business needs to be more than ready to scale and meet the rising demands.

Why Choose Ego Kitchen?

Low Operating Costs

Lot of savings in your rentals and employees’ costs for higher profits all you need is a small kitchen space and few staff.

Small Upfront Costs

Rather than the whole cost of capex to build a restaurant, get started in EGO Kitchen with a small deposit plus the cost of your specialized equipment

Easy Expansion

With quickapproval time and kitchens ready to take over, launch in just a few days not even weeks.

Try out dishes to introduce

Experiment and offer new brands and dishes easily with very low risk and cost while making more profits.

Better reach

Social media engagement, reviews and feedbacks from the customer helps brands to stay relevant, weekly updates and promotion run for the brands.

Benefits to be at EGO Kitchen is beyond the kitchen space and equipment

Branded Dashboard

Integrated with most of the ordering platforms, analytics to see the brands performance on a click of button.

Scale your brand

Easy to open new locations with less hassle, ready to serve in matter of few days instead of months.

Improve efficiency

Easy system to manage orders directly into Egokitchen system from the order website and process easily and focus on making the food ready for delivery.

We are ready to partner with

Chain of restaurants

Established Chefs in the country or restaurants looking to expand their businesses and need daily kitchen space to reach new set of customers.

Single Location

Restaurant operating at one location and eyeing to leverage their name at location to generate business at other location into a delivery-only concept.


People who have the passion with limited budget, looking for fast and inexpensive way to test their concepts and build their brand.

Food Truck Companies

Food Trucks that have built their brand name and looking to venture into a delivery only kitchen,can utilize our facility and get the benefits of delivery on demand model.

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